Prosthetic Care

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    Always Available in Ontario For Our New and Current Patients

    At Hall and Associates you will have confidence and take comfort in knowing that we “do not” travel between different cities or provinces.

    Should you have an emergency situation you will have “peace of mind” knowing that we will be here 7 days a week every week.

    We do not make other facial prosthetics.

    We strictly specialize in just artificial eyes. In fact, we fabricate the artificial eyes that are incorporated into “maxillofacial orbital prostheses” for Anaesplastologists Ann McLaren and David Morrison at Sunnybrook Hospital.

    David Morrison and Ann McLaren are highly trained, skilled, licensed anaeplastologists who specialize in sculpting and fabricating these unique very specialized types of facial prostheses.

    I am privileged to work closely with them both and I highly recommend Ann McLaren and David Morrison should you need a maxillofacial prosthesis.