Hall and Associates Prostheticare
Where Art Meets Science

At Hall and Associates Prostheticare, your Toronto Ocularist, we specialize in the impression fitting and fabrication of custom made artificial eyes for complete eye loss and scleral cover shells for partially removed or damaged eyes. All work is done in our office by our Board Certified Ocularists.

Ocularist Darren Hall, BCO, (NEBO) knows and believes that there is a unique and individual beauty within all of us, with compassion, skill and artistry let’s bring it out together!

Call (416) 496-0111 to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions or concerns. A doctor's referral is not needed for your initial consultation.

At Hall and Associates you will have confidence and take comfort in knowing that we “do not” travel between different cities or provinces. Should you have an emergency situation you will have “peace of mind” knowing that we will be here 7 days a week, every week.