Artificial Eye Ocular Specialists

Brian A. Hall, BCO
Darren Hall’s late uncle Brian A. Hall, BCO.
Image circa 1968.

At Hall and Associates Prostheticare we specialize in the impression, fitting and fabrication of custom made artificial eyes for complete eye loss and scleral cover shells for partially removed or damaged eyes. All work is done in our office by our Board Certified Ocularists. 

Since 1968 the Hall family has been providing the finest, most comfortable and most natural appearing Custom Artificial Eye Prosthetics in Ontario, Canada.

Darren Hall, BCO, achieved his Board Certification through the National Examining Board of Ocularists after completing his training under the mentorship of his late uncle Brian A. Hall, BCO, and also completing the 5 year education program through the American Society of Ocularists from 1986-1991.

This examination is offered once a year in the United States and requires re-certification every 7 years for continuing education with bi-annual meetings with the American Society of Ocularists and Joint Scientific Sessions with the Academy of Ophthalmology.

Meet the Team at Hall and Associates Prostheticare

Darren Hall

Darren Hall, BCO, (NEBO)

Ophelia But

Ophelia But, Office Manager

Darren Hall, BCO, (NEBO), Ontario Ocularist
& Ocular Prosthetic Team

As a second generation Ocularist in the field of Ocularistry, Darren Hall, BCO, (NEBO), has continued to evolve and refine the skills and evolution of the craft with precision in fitting and fabrication of the most “realistic” custom ocular prosthetics humanly possible.

Comfort is paramount while maximizing the best possible individual results. We strive to offer the highest degree of natural “conversational darting eye movements” as we artistically replicate every minute fine detail with colour and symmetry.

We strongly encourage anyone in need of eye replacement to come in for a full “no cost” evaluation and consultation to discuss your individual goals and expectations.

Whether you have just recently underwent surgery for your eye loss or eye injury/disease was decades ago, please feel free to phone our office to confidentially discuss any questions or concerns you may have or to simply take the first step by scheduling an appointment. A doctors referral is not needed for your initial consultation.

I truly look forward to being your Ocularist, working closely with your optometrist, ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon if needed but ultimately being a friend on this path.

Darren Hall, BADO, BCO
Ophelia But, BA